For booking, inquiries and comments, please go to Cal Crispí Carrer Nou del Pont, 5 43364 Prades | Catalunya Tel +34 689 022410 e-mail: GPS N 41º 18' 36.18"   E  0º 59' 14.32" Codi plus Google Maps: 8X6P+2W Prades
How to get to Cal Crispí, your home at Prades Mountains (suggestions) You   can   get   to   Prades   through   five   roads.   Here   are   the   most   comfortable   and fast,   but   the   other   ones   cross   also   passages   of   great   beauty.   If   you   come   from Barcelona   or   Lleida   by   the   AP2   motorway,   leave   it   at   Montblanc   and   take   the   N-240 towards   Lleida.   After   Vinbodí,   you   will   found   the   crossroads   that,   through   Vallclara and   Vilanova   de   Prades,   will   lead   you   to   Prades.   If   you   come   from   Barcelona   for   the AP   7   or   from   Tarragona   or   Valencia,   take   the   N-420   towards   Falset   and   once   past Reus,   you   must   turn   to   Les   Borges   del   Camp,   Alforja,   Cornudella,   Albarca   and Prades. In Prades, the houses have names. Once in, just ask for Cal Crispí .
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                             (+34) 689 022410                                    Nou de Pont, 5 - 43364 Prades                                           
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Residència casa de pagès Casa de poble Inscrita en el Registre de Turisme de Catalunya núm. PT00193
Destinació de Turisme familiar
Pet Friendly (10 €/night) Breakfast without gluten, vegetarian ... free of charge with a prior notice Cot free of charge Bathroom amenities Complimentary equipped kitchen (shared)
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